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Hello New Grounds!

2014-09-05 18:12:57 by jdagenet

Hey Guys!


My name is Jason Dagenet and I just recently joined New Grounds in hopes of meeting new people that enjoy the same hobbies as I do.

So, what are my hobbies? They're quite simple:

  • Video Game Level Designing
  • Computer Programming
  • Music and Sound Design

Those are the three things I enjoy doing the most in my free time. I've taught myself from the ground-up how to do those things as well, which I think sets me apart from the rest of my friends -- while my friends are out at the mall, I'm in front of the computer learning programming!

Out of the three, I'd definitely say that I enjoy playing with sounds the most. I've been composing music and sounds for roughly five years. I also plan to post some of my material here as well.


I hope to stay for quite a while here at New Grounds!



Best Regards,

- Jason